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About Me

Meredith Heller is a performing poet and singer/songwriter with a graduate degree in writing and education and a teaching credential for high school English. She was awarded a fellowship to The Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins in creative non-fiction, studied poetry and creative writing at Naropa Institute, and earned her MA at Goddard College, where her focus was experiential and embodied approaches to education, mapping the creative process, and using writing as a modality for self-discovery and empowerment. As former Poet in the Schools of Boulder, CO, she taught at-risk and gifted youth. In Marin County, CA, she owned and taught at Mount Tam Music Together, a music and movement education program for toddlers. A California Poet in the Schools, she teaches poetry and creative writing classes, coaches private voice and songwriting, leads MoonTribe, a Write of Passage Nature Program teen girls, and hosts Siren Song, a women’s singer/songwriter night.

Her poetry collection, entitled Songlines, is being published by Finishing Line Press and will be in print July 2019. Her work has appeared numerous times in Rebelle Society and WeMoon, and in The Aquarian, Avocet, and Women, Their Names, & The Stories They Tell. Her poetic essay entitled, “Why I Write” has inspired artists and educators worldwide. Her music has been played in art exhibits, a film and theater program, and her song “Little Boy Blue” received honorable mention in American Songwriter magazine.

Meredith’s deepest joy is helping empower people to find their own voices, express themselves clearly and creatively, express their truth, make meaning and wisdom from their life experiences, and be witnessed in a community of peers who respect and encourage each other to dig deep and to shine.

A nature-girl who spent fifteen summers solo backpacking, she hikes the trails daily. She is mused by nature, synchronicity, and kindred souls.

About This Blog

What’s left when we boil it all down to the essence? Bones. What’s the foundation and the underlying structure upon which we flesh out ourselves and our poetry? Bones. No bones about it; the hip bone’s connected to the heart-bone! And synchronicity, I live by it! If magic connections aren’t happening, it’s time for me to re-tune by being in nature, writing, singing, dancing ~ to plug myself back into the universal flow and remember myself as part of the hum of all life.

So how do we live poetic lives? We boil ourselves down the essence, down the bones of being until we taste our own essence, feel what truly matters to us, what moves us, and from this knowing, we share ourselves. Every experience in my life, from the glorious to the painful is the soul-food by which I learn and grow, trust and open. I have navigated the darkness and returned with courage, wisdom, and playfulness to share.