Poetry Writing Workshops for Kids!

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Watch Haiku Lesson • Grades 1-3

Workshop Overview
My workshops are fun and engaging. I lead students through lively writing invitations geared to spark their imagination, conjure their thoughts and feelings, and cultivate their unique writing voice. I help them develop an eye for detail, an ear for the musicality of the written word, and a trust of their creative instincts. Students build greater self-esteem and increase their capacity to express themselves with depth and clarity. We cultivate a community of friends who share a passion for creative writing and self-expression and who encourage each other to dig deep and shine.

My passion is helping empower young people to speak their truth, express themselves clearly and creatively, and know that they matter. I draw on nature, the five senses, personal discovery, and a rich library of poets and writing invitations to evoke poetry from kids in their own voices about what most concerns and enlivens them.

Join me as we write odes to fruit and vegetables, personify seasons and elements, and bring colors to life! Explore the five senses using food, spices, textures, and music. Investigate photographs, nature objects, and questions of inquiry. Delve into your relationship with your body: your hands, your hair, your skin, your belly! Meet me out in nature and write about what you discover there. Glean inspiration from a wide range of poets including Mary Oliver, e.e. cummings, Pablo Neruda, Sandra Cisneros, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Joy Harjo, Octavio Paz, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Ruth Gendler, and more. Finally, practice speaking your poetry out loud in solo pieces and group performances. Workshops culminate with a seasonal student poetry reading at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA.

Meredith Heller is a performing poet and singer/songwriter and a seasoned educator with graduate degrees in writing and education. She is the author of the poetry collection, SONGLINES (Finishing Line Press). Her new book, Write a Poem, Save Your Life! is currently under contract. A former Poet in the Schools in Boulder, CO, and currently, a California Poet in the Schools and Poetry Out Loud coach, Meredith teaches poetry workshops in Marin County schools and Juvenile Hall. She leads Moon Tribe ‘Write of Passage’ Nature Program for teen girls and facilitates Wild Women, Wicked Words for women. She teaches music and movement classes for children, coaches private guitar, piano, voice, songwriting, and performance, and hosts Siren Song, a women’s singer/songwriter night.

She is a frequent contributor to Rebelle Society and We’Moon. Her work has appeared in Quiet Lightning, The Aquarian, Avocet, and the book, Women, Their Names, & The Stories They Tell. Her essays are published in Common Ground Magazine and Tiny House Magazine. Her song ‘Little Boy Blue’ received honorable mention in American Songwriter Magazine. A nature girl who spent fifteen summers solo-backing, she hikes the trails daily and lives with a gentle footprint in a tiny cottage in Marin County, CA. She spends her free time camping and writing at the Yuba River and Big Sur. She is mused by nature, synchronicity, and kindred souls.

My poetry collection SONGLINES is NOW available from Finishing Line Press!
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Meredith Heller’s Songlines are nothing less than a magic spell. These playfully sensuous poems peel away sadness, layer upon layer, until we are returned to an “elven-hearted” realm of cricket gossip and wishing wells, where we can listen in on the stories stones tell, retrieve the lost art of humming, and watch the sky slip “into the water like a fish.”

~ Prartho Sereno, Poet Laureate Emeritus of Marin County, author of 4 prize-winning poetry collections, most recently, INDIAN ROPE TRICK

How do we bring our poetry to life & how do we live poetic lives?
We boil ourselves down to the bones of being until we taste our own essence, feel what truly matters and moves us, welcome every hue of our human experience with curiosity, celebrate each moment, attune to the wild and synchronistic dervish-dance of the universe, and from this presence, we share ourselves. Every experience in my life, from the glorious to the painful is the soulfood by which I learn and grow, trust and open. I have navigated my own darkness and returned with courage, wisdom, and playfulness to share. May these poems inspire you to live and love fully and to speak your truth even when your voice shakes!