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My poetry collection, SONGLINES, is NOW available from Finishing Line Press!
Please order your copies NOW for anyone who loves how nature and poetry sing us back to life!

Meredith Heller’s SONGLINES are nothing less than a magic spell. These playfully sensuous poems peel away sadness, layer upon layer, until we are returned to an “elven-hearted” realm of cricket gossip and wishing wells, where we can listen in on the stories stones tell, retrieve the lost art of humming, and watch the sky slip “into the water like a fish.”
–Prartho Sereno, Poet Laureate Emeritus of Marin County, author of 4 prize-winning poetry collections, most recently, INDIAN ROPE TRICK.

“Nature, immense and intimate, rivers and fruit, stones and bowls, family members and beloveds, populate Meredith Heller’s poems. In  Songlines Heller wanders and wonders, bringing us with her as she records her wishes and dreams, her quest to name and understand what is difficult and what is delightful.”

–Ruth Gendler, author The Book of Qualities and Notes on the Need for Beauty


Meredith Heller is a published poet and performing singer/songwriter with graduate degrees in writing and education. In Boulder, CO, she taught at-risk and gifted youth. In Marin County, CA, she owned and taught at Mount Tam Music Together, a music and movement education program for toddlers. Currently, a California Poet in the Schools and a Poetry Out Loud coach, she teaches poetry writing workshops, coaches private voice & songwriting, teaches music & movement classes for preschoolers, leads MoonTribe Write of Passage Nature Program for teen girls, and hosts Siren Song, a women’s singer/songwriter night.

Her work has appeared in Rebelle Society, Quiet Lightning, WeMoon, The Aquarian, Avocet, and Women, Their Names, & The Stories They Tell. Her poetic essay entitled, “Why I Write” has inspired artists and educators worldwide. Her music has been played in art exhibits, a film and theater program, and her song “Little Boy Blue” received honorable mention in American Songwriter magazine. A nature-girl who spent fifteen summers solo backpacking, she hikes the trails daily and lives in a tiny home made from a train caboose in Marin County, CA. She is mused by nature, synchronicity, and kindred souls.

How do we bring our poetry to life and how do we live poetic lives?
We boil ourselves down to the bones of being until we taste our own essence, feel what truly matters and moves us, welcome every hue of our human experience with curiosity, celebrate each moment, attune to the wild and synchronistic dervish-dance of the universe, and from this presence, we share ourselves. Every experience in my life, from the glorious to the painful is the soulfood by which I learn and grow, trust and open. I have navigated my own darkness and returned with courage, wisdom, and playfulness to share. May these poems inspire you to live and love fully and to speak your truth even when your voice shakes!