On my birthday, I went for a hike up the hill behind the white church behind my house. There’s rarely anyone up there. It’s open and quiet with a 360 degree view of the bay. When I’m up there, I feel like I’m walking through the temple of the earth and sky.

I was going up the steepest part when I saw a woman crouching down near the ground. And I thought, I wonder what she’s doing? Maybe she’s doing some sort of ritual. I thought, I want to do a ritual for my birthday.

I called out to her, Hey, what are doing? Are you doing a ritual? She stood up and told me she was photographing some small red flowers. We started talking, and I told her it was my birthday, and I thought she was doing a ritual, and I wanted to do a ritual for my birthday. And she told me that it was her birthday too and she wanted to do a ritual too. So we walked and talked and it turns out she is a singer too and she used to be a costumer designer in LA.

So we found a spot on top of the ridge and we gathered some rocks and dried sage and tiny yellow flowers and we built a nature altar to celebrate life and love and meeting on our birthdays. Then we hugged and said thank you, both of us feeling elevated from our connection. 

Now what are the odds of meeting a woman on a trail on your birthday who has the same birthday and you both want to do a ritual, and so you do, together. What are the odds?!